NFTs Unleashed
Welcome to the next evolution in digital ownership that allows NFT owners to monetize their assets.

So, how does Artlink work?

Owners stake their NFT and set their desired licensing fees on the Artlink Application.

Artlink makes the NFT available for purchase on tees, prints, and other merch via Merch Nation (with more platforms available soon).

NFT owners receive royalties from the rights sales of the NFT on Merch Nation... Monetizing an otherwise dormant asset.

Reincarnate NFT Drop

Reincarnate lets you breathe new life into any of your NFTs using machine learning. We will be giving access to our users simply because we love NFTs (and our users). And who knows? The results might have some future use...

Want to get on the Artlink whitelist?

If you’re a project, collector or artist and want to help test out the Artlink MVP, share a post on Twitter tagging @artlink_network and @merch_io.

Let us know what you’d bring in terms of your collection, your community, or anything else you think might help!

We want to get our name out there and you want to get on the whitelist, so it’s a win-win!

Don't worry, we won’t just pick the biggest influencers and collectors – Artlink and NFTs are for everyone.

The team

Stefan Chetty

Stefan is a supply chain & master data governance specialist with 10 years SAP, Oracle & Alteryx experience across multi-nationals such as BHP, Fletcher Building & MIP Analytics.

Jack Emery
CMO & Co-Founder

Jack is an Award-winning creative director having previously worked on campaigns for Nike, Samsung, Netflix and Google.

Frederick Brien
Head of Risk

Fred is a Business Process Specialist & Co-Founder of Tokens for Humanity - an ACNC-registered charity working on enterprise applications of blockchain technology.

Channel 1 Poltergeist Milton of the Glowing Box
Fraser Stevens
Head of Product

Fraser is an accomplished management consultant & a digital strategy gun, having worked for firms such as Hachette UK, Cognizant Consulting, Accenture & Appetiser.

Annmarie McMath
Head of Partnerships

Annmarie has worked at the intersection of music and technology for two decades with significant experience in Direct to Fan marketing and scaling startups.

Heidi Daniells-Xavier
Head of Operations

Heidi comes from an extensive background in portfolio management at Rio Tinto and has a passion for understanding how technology impacts society at a behavioural and demographic level.

Sommer Smith
Advisor - Talent

Sommer has over 10 years integrated creative agency experience in Australia and the UK, managing clients, talent and production across big name brands like Disney, McDonald’s and Diageo.

Nicholas Staller
Advisor - Media

Nick is an Emmy-Award-nominated producer and editor with an extensive career spanning hit shows such as Shark Tank, The Contender and WWE.